Taking Puppy Home

What To Expect When Bringing Home Puppy

Congratulations on your new fur baby. Northern Creek takes pride in what we do here raising wonderful puppies for individuals like you.

I appreciate you and want your transition to go as smoothly as possible.

Sometimes there is a separation sadness your puppy will experience because we have taken them from what they know is fun, safe and inviting. Until they learn that you can provide his care and that there is not a worry. You might experience some separation whining/crying. This is perfectly normal for the first few days. Just stay calm in how you decide to train your puppy. I have a list of recommendations on what has worked for me when getting a new puppy.

We hope you have a Great experience and we look forward to helping you get ready to bring home your new puppy!

Our Suggestions are as follows:

First things you need when taking home

Things you will need to do:

  • Vet Appointment after puppy has been taken from Northern Creek
  • Puppy Proof your home, yard (cords, cleaners, plants that are harmful)
  • Safe place for puppy to play when you’re not going to be home or watching them.
  • Decide who will be in charge of training, differences will confuse the young pup.

✅Schedule Pick-up

This is a very busy time, and is a very special time for everyone.

Please call to schedule your pickup date and time. There may be others with times on the same day. I will try to schedule enough time for everyone so you can spend time playing with your new baby before getting into your car for that long drive home.

✅Schedule your Flights

If your puppy will be flying, please be sure that we get this done promptly. I will need to know when and what airport, and the name and address of the person picking up. Please understand that when flying an animal that our only concern is what is best for them that means you may have to travel to an airport a bit further then you thought so we can have a better flight for your puppy.

Arriving home with Puppy

Your puppy is a newborn when they leave us at 10-12 weeks. This depends on the litters readiness. I do try to leave a week or 2 week of quick learning from our puppy culture program. FYI not all puppies learn at the same pace. Some maybe behind what others have picked up along the way. Utilize this time to expose your puppy safely to all kinds of objects, friends, family and little ones in a controlled way. At this age they have only their first shots, and should be kept away from places where lots of other dog/puppies are until they are finished with their booster shots. This doesn’t mean hide them away for the next month. We do not recommend dog parks or pet stores at this time. However a few friends with a balance adult dog or children as many different people as you can safely meet. Exposure is important at this age..Try not to over stimulate them on the first day make it a quiet family day.. They will need to adjust, most do great some may need a day or two.

We recommend feeding your puppy 1 TABLESPOON 100% pumpkin a day during this transition if your puppy has a looser stool then they should, it is proven to aid with upset stomach and other things that occur with transition. Plenty of water and a safe place to keep him/her when you can’t be around. 

Remember puppies need your direct attention until they learn what you want, to keep your puppy safe never leave them for long periods of time until they have adjusted.

We wish you the best and are always here to help. Good luck, and Thank you for choosing us as your breeder!


Your Puppy received their first Vaccine dhpp at 6 to 7weeks. Your puppy will be Microchiped at 8 weeks. We will pay for the lifetime registration in the National database. It is not a option. All our puppies are microchipped.  Another DHpp at 9 weeks  for this litter. Another Dhpp adding leptospirosis, coronavirus vaccine will be due after you pick them up at 12 week. I have added oral Bordetella that will be given at 9 weeks. It is a oral an a one and one for the year. Your veterinarian will have their own vaccine schedule. Air on the side of caution on over vaccinated animals. I only do the core vaccines.  Veternarian’s  are unfortunately pushing more an more vaccines to boost sales. Don’t get caught in that! I’ve found significant differences between ours. Please do vaccines at separate visits. More reactions from vaccines are caused by doing them all at once. It is safer to just go back in a few days for the next vaccine. . I recommend taking puppy for wellness exam and to meet your veterinarian after he leaves here regardless if a vaccine is needed. That wellness exam is your guarantee.  Keep them off the floor at vets. Most of parvovirus cases were reported coming from a vets office.. Do not allow the veterinarian to vaccinate until 3 to 4 weeks after your puppies last vaccine if another of the series  are needed. Over vaccination voids your health guarantee with me and is unnecessary to over-vaccinate your baby. I only get the CORE vaccinations. This doesn’t include limes, influenza. I do get leptospirosis and corona because of the water shed and mud puddles.. We use Nexgard/Bravecto for fleas/ ticks. It’s a chewable our dogs love it. I use year round heartwormer. I like the plus in the heartwormer for tapeworms. I’ve used interceptor plus but my dogs are not a fan of this chewable, I’ve used heartguard plus they seem to eat this one without coercion. However the plus in this does not cover tapeworms.   Over vaccinations can cause other issues like auto immune. Just because your vet does it, doesn’t make it necessary for the health of your animal. Unfortunately, I have had some experience with veterinarians pushing products. It’s ok to say NO to anything not in the CORE vaccination schedule. Look at AKC vaccination schedule if you are confused.  Dogs only need protection from bordetella, parvovirus, corona, leptospirosis, distemper and rabies. Even though bordetella isn’t always 100% protection it does help, Influenza and limes are additional shots that are not 100% effective, your dog can still get sick with or without these vaccines. I just don’t like to give more then one vaccine at any given visit. . Understand your Core vaccines research the additional ones. Understand heartworm protection and flea/tick protection. Research the different products. Some are not as effective as other do your homework! Don’t put it into their bodies without knowing the side effects or risks. You wouldn’t do it to your child so don’t do it to your dog!

Feeding Time

**Food is all they can eat, buckets are always full. I check them at 6am, 11, and 4pm. Water and food are removed or almost empty by 5 no later than 6pm with this litter. Every litter is different. We find that feeding free choice eliminates the competition for feeding and aggressive behaviors. I do not find that our dogs scarf food if it is available to them when they are hungry. We feed meaty marrow bones straight from the butcher, frozen for those puppy teeth. This is also an opportunity to teach them about giving and not resource guarding. 

We feed Nutrisource large breed (chicken) every litter is different please wait until I tell you which puppy food yours will be on when you get them. Sometimes puppies have issues with puppy food and finding the right one for that litter takes a few weeks.  Until they are 6 Months old slowly switching them over to  your chosen adult food.  Poodles are active dogs they are quick movers and use up the energy they get from higher energy dog foods. We have other breeds so I find this is a healthy mixture that works for my pack. Keeping your pup at a nice weight not to chunky but not so lean you can see bones. This insures a long healthy life!

 I like what some of the ingredients in the natural foods have that the other food doesn’t. These ingredients promote healthy coats without added things that are just fillers like corn.. We have found that the use of a select few in this  line mixed together gives us that balance, keeps our dogs healthy, fit and lean. This promotes a vet approved overall body condition.

✅Bed Time around 10-11 is my run outside, food and water are removed at no later then 5. Most nights they have been sleeping all night. Most days potty has been outside. 

*I suggest a 36 inch Crate that will grow with your puppy. Usually crates will come with a divider to make his area smaller. They won’t potty where they sleep. Giving puppy to much room will allow for elimination.

FYI Sleep time is not play time. If your puppy awakes in the night take them out to go potty be sure to give them time to do this. Then place them back into the sleeping area cover (sheet) and walk away. Don’t console “poor baby” this only reassures their crying is good behavior.

The first few nights will be rough you might get up several times to make sure potty was done. Some just need a night to snuggle with you. It is okay to do this but don’t make it a habit if you want crate to be their sleeping area..

At the ages of 8-10 weeks they should be able to hold for 2 hours as they get to 12-14 weeks they can usually go 4 hours some will do it sooner than this.

Play Time

I always like to introduce new things ages 8-14 weeks. Puppies learn the most in these first weeks of life. Utilize this time for lots of life experiences, basic training. Please Just stay away from frequent dog areas so your puppy is safe until he has all his shots. I took my puppies in TSC, Farm and home, Home depot always welcome pets and people exposure is so beneficial. Never put pup on floor and if you have to always wipe their feet (baby wipes) Usually around 16 weeks they are protected by the vaccines.


This will get updated—Our post on Facebook for litter 2022–

Please plan on keeping your puppy on this brand of puppy food until it is atleast 6 months old. Then you can slowly start switching to an adult food. Poodles have sensitive stomachs switching food because you don’t like our brand is not a good idea. Just wait until you can switch to adult for around 6 months old. Our parents don’t have allergies. This is the Puppy food your puppy has been given since 4 weeks of age. You can buy this at farm an home, TSC, Menards and any feed store usually has it.

Crate and pad 36 inch with divider
chewy.com has the best prices

Shampoo …
I like this for weekly use along with the conditioner. It is meant to mix a 8:1 ratio not using from the bottle. Many people misuse soap some call for 40:1 mixture. This one is 8:1 mixture. The easiest way is to get a bottle that you can premix before your bath. In the past I’ve used oatmeal based shampoo/conditioner Lillian ruff brand it works just fine, but I find that it left flakes in my black poodle. The only concern is to be careful to never get in eyes I’m sure it stings.

Mixing shampoo Bottle🐾


One of my favorite toys 🐾


🐾🐾Nails need to be done weekly! No floor clicking!

And I also smooth out the edges after cutting with my dremal
Any one will work for this that has 2 to 3 speeds.
Oops forgot this. It will happen if your doing your puppies nails regularly. They should never hit the floor ever!


Treats 🐾
I like homemade the best
I cook up a pork loin portion into small snack bags and freeze. I dehydrate bananas apples, sweet potatoes. However when I’m out I love to look for treats with limited ingredients. I stay away from treats filled with legumes, peas, potatoes, lentils!
Here is one of my favorites

Grooming your puppy every week! On a regular schedule will keep what they have learned here in check. If your a wait until they look terrible they will be terrible on the grooming table. The bigger they get the harder they will be to handle. Don’t make a brat! Practice, practice makes for a happy groom time for both puppy and groomer.

If your going to learn to do it on your own then you will need a clipper. I own a few but find this 5 an 1 blade is great. No blade changes but is limited on blade guards for specialty trims.


I also own this one which you can change from 10, 15 to 30 blades depending what your doing. It also has a variety of blade guards for different hair lengths. These are my favorite blade sizes to use.

Blade guards—https://www.amazon.com/Wahl-Professional-Animal-Stainless-Attachment/dp/B0052WT728/ref=pd_bxgy_img_1/140-4521757-5117428?pd_rd_w=01mPY&pf_rd_p=6b3eefea-7b16-43e9-bc45-2e332cbf99da&pf_rd_r=BDTN6GMWX3B4Z0NGGHK8&pd_rd_r=78107e21-3cf9-4cfb-bd9a-520b1f781a6e&pd_rd_wg=jdX1C&pd_rd_i=B0052WT728&psc=1

Puppy fur is extremely easy to care for all you need is a pin brush, slicker brush and a comb when it gets really long and starts transitioning to an adult coat. Then you will need to add in a nice comb and some brushing spray. Here is what I use.
Spray Bottle to add water with alittle conditioner makes a perfect brushing spray.







Brush 🐾


Dematting spray🐾 the first one is great in the winter to use around the legs helps with snow build up. This has a silicone base so using moderately.


I love The warren conditioners


Depending if you will give grooming a try. Puppies are easy it’s when you get to the bigger poodle cuts that becomes a 2 hour ordeal or more. So if you don’t have the time then find yourself a groomer that has references. If they will allow you to sit in on a groom. If they say NO! Then question whether they can be trusted. It takes one bad experience to ruin your poodles ability to behave on a grooming table. I like hair on my poodles so I use a lot of things to help keep my coats maintained. Brushing builds a bond with your dog. You can still watch your favorite show on TV just sit on floor with your pup.

Let’s talk ears!
I pluck the hair from your puppies ears to prevent infections. 50% hair coverage should be removed. The cleaner the better chance you won’t be fighting a yeast infection.
I use a hemostate however I have been grooming for 30 years. If you choose this route be careful never aim your instrument down into the ear channel. Some people have smaller fingers and nails to just grab a few pieces and pull. If you need a demo tell me so I can leave your puppy some ear hair to practice on.

After every bath an every ear plucking. I use a natural ear wash. I have used this ear wash for 6 years. Love it.

🐾ear wash

You will need one of these

Having a safe place for puppy to play or nap while your busy is a good idea. Never use their nighttime crate for this space. I use these and love them. Giving them the run of your house while your busy is only asking for a accident to happen. You must be present at all times to keep up the potty training that I have started. Never scold them for a accident. Take them out frequently and you will not have accidents. So confining when your busy and can see them will help lessen the chance of a accident too.

I think you have enough to get your basics started before your little bundle of fur comes home

Note: crate is to be set in your room not out of sight or sound. They are just babies away from what they know is safe. We will go thru the process of when you take them home on what to expect that first week.

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