Champion Northern Creek’s West Coast Girl Spot-On

About me

Hi, I’m Zahara. Previously from Moses Lake, Washington. I flew to Michigan in a airplane. My time change and first few days were rough. My new mom had rules. I had to learn them. It took a few weeks but I did get the routine. I am mischievous have No problem venturing outside of where I should be. I’m stubborn at most things. I like kitchen counter surfing and find the white cat a interesting chew toy. My human mom thinks she can out smart me. I can escape from anything. I am very athletic and beautiful. My long thick coat takes hours an hours to groom. I have won many best in Breeds, best in my class an Best in show. I’ve earned my Spot on obedience ribbons all before my 1st Birthday.

13 months

10 months old

7 months old

8 weeks old

10 weeks old

Testing results

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