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Why Northern Creek Standard Poodles?

  1. Parents chosen for Temperament, health tested lines, and championship lineage. Our breeding stock is only ever dogs that meet our expectations in training ability. We don’t ride on the coat tails of others do diligences in health testing. Our dogs are all screened prior to breeding for genetic diseases for the breed. We run veterinarian CBC panels looking for markers in genetic disorders that cannot be found thru genetic screening. I’m always making sure there is nothing new to have tested.
  2. Our dogs are Service dog and Therapy dogs.  Earned multiple AKC titles. We know exactly what they should be temperament, conformation and health.  Conformation means nothing if their temperament is bad. This is a package deal!
  3. Raised in our home! We are not a kennel. We are always consistent in using ENS and Puppy culture techniques to give you the very best!
  4. My focus is strictly breeding a well balance dog in both mind, and health.
  5. Our tails are docked and dew claws are removed per breed specific! Curly tails are hard to brush causes sensitivity to the rear end of your dog when not maintained properly.
  6. We use a licensed Veterinarian for vaccines, wellness exams to ensure your puppy leaves here healthy. Our health guarantee speaks volumes on how confident we are in producing healthy pups. We do not use mail ordered vaccines all our care is veterinarian approved!
  7. Volhard aptitude testing done by Helping paws owner, trainer of service dogs for veterans. Helping place the right puppy in your home!
  8. Puppies learn basic commands sit, down, stay and some learn fetch and scent retrieval. Our program is always evolving. We learn more with the puppy culture materials and wonderful groups that practice this with their puppies.
  9. Visitors are always welcome.
  10. Life-long help from me. A trainer of 30 years experience.

All our puppies come with age appropriate vaccines, wormed multiple times, veterinarian checked, up-to-date on vaccines by a licensed veterinarian, Health Guarantee, tails docked show length, dew claws removed, and Microchipped. All our puppies are raised using ENS and puppy culture methods. They will be started on potty trained outside

Educate, research and accountability

AKC breeding standards does not state a standard poodle cannot be bred prior to its 2nd birthday. OFA does not certify hips until they are 2 years of age based on giant breeds. Standard poodles are not considered giant. We always do preliminary X-rays to verify we have a good or better hip before we breed. This has nothing to do with whether or not a standard poodle has reach maturity. There is nothing in AKC code of ethics stating when is the appropriate time to start a breeding bitch or sire. They leave this up to the individual breeder and the breed of dog. We rely heavily on our reproductive veterinarian to help us determine when they are physically and mentally ready. There is no rule of how many litters a bitch should whelp, but our reproductive vet likes to see back to back breedings and then a break before the next back to back. They state it’s healthier for a dog to breed back to back easier on their system and that break in between allows their body to get back to normal. There is no rule about when is a appropriate age to retire or how many litters one bitch can have. It is based solely on the individual dog. Some breeding girls may only do 3 litters some 5 in their lifetime depending where they fall for when they were mature enough to breed. This is all I will say on this subject.

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