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Good morning Teresa, I am head over heels in love with this girl. She stays with me constantly. She comes when called. She loves playing fetch outside. The neighbors are totally taken with her and she already asks to go visit. They live next door with no roads in between. She always looks at me for permission to walk that way and they are always ready to let her in and give her some love. They’re amazed at how well behaved she is. Sits on command, fetches and brings, comes when called. She’s totally amazing. She seems totally connected and loyal to me already. Definitely my my girl! I’m so happy to hear that your son is feeling ok with her new living situation. I can imagine how hard it is once you get attached to say goodbye. You’ve done an amazing job of training. She is so responsive to all commands. And doesn’t mind her paws touched or her mouth. She’ll be a joy for my groomer to work with when she’s ready. I’m so impressed with this girl! Thank you for being such a good breeder. I would highly recommend you! Thanks again for this beautiful girl! I couldn’t be happier. Hugs,

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May 30, 2019

Ms. Teresa Towner

via email 

Re.              Good job with your puppies

Dear Teresa, 

We are enjoying our standard poodle puppy very much, and she is enjoying us. We enjoyed seeing your lovely home and I just have to thank you again for the effort that went into raising your pups.  You can tell that each pup was handled multiple times each day. They are used to having their feet checked, their teeth touched, and ears inspected. We continue those bonding tasks, all of which make future grooming and cleaning chores easier. Grooming, to us, is a small price to pay for such a smart, good looking, non-shedding breed. Our pup, from the Jayda-Atticu litter, fit into our household right away and was almost perfectly potty trained as well.

In short Teresa, and her family, are doing it the right way. They are raising great family dogs with that personal touch and we are so glad of it.


Mark Smathers, Holt, MI

formerly Cadillac, MI

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