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My Husband and I live in a small town in Northern Michigan. We live on a small farm where we had many different animals. I recently retired from horses after the sudden death of one of my beautiful mares. I rehomed her son, an sold off my truck and trailer. It was time to give up my life long hobby. We grew up close to where we live now. We married right out of High school and have been married over 30 years. We have raised three boys, which are all grown and starting their own adventures.

All our dogs have awesome temperaments, calm and eager to please. They also come from health tested parents. In the beginning of our adventure. We chose not to show our dogs and pursue a different route in AKC titling. I have enjoyed the accomplishments our dogs have made. whether its earning something as simple as a AKC obedience title or something that requires a long term commitment like therapy dog training and AKC titles based on the 100s of visits we do each year. The last few years i have done a few UKC shows with our newest addition to our program. The training for Show dogs is slightly different. Obedience is done carefully. The last thing a show breeder wants is a sit heal in a show ring setting. They have a different set of skills, then a dog for service work. A show dog has to know the difference between ring work and obedience work. I have learned a lot. I so appreciate the mentors that have answered all my crazy questions. Show dogs require hair maintenance every week. The care that goes into this is time consuming. The dog has to really enjoy being constantly groomed, bathed and having their hair banded to prevent matting. The bigger Zahara gets the more hair there is to maintain. What took 1 hour to dry straight now takes 2 to 3 hours. This doesn’t even come close to the amount of table time to scissor in her show cut. This kinda work is a dedicated commitment of a elite group of people looking to preserve the standard poodle. I have been thankful to be apart of that goal.
These are our companions, they are part of our family, spoiled like our children. They live inside our home and are well taken care of at all times. We work very hard at maintaining their coats. Its time well spent. I have groomed for 20 years. We work in the community. We have been active part in the CMU special Olympics and weekly visits to our local retirement homes. All our breeding dogs have earned multiple AKC obedience titles: CGC, CGCA, CGCC, CGCU and a few of our dogs recently added Trick Dog Novice (TDN) and (TKI) trick-dog intermediate to our titles (canine good citizen AND advanced, Community, Urban). Jayda and Luna are active certified TDI therapy dogs. Luna is spayed and retired from breeding. These girls have recently acquired certification for working as a Therapy dog team. Earning yet another AKC title for therapy work (THD). We are very proud of our girls and their hard work. Ella is our latest shinning star. She has earned her CGC obedience titles and we are working in some agility with this gal. Her direction is still being determined. Our sire Lincoln is ADA qualified for public access. He is my own service dog. He alerts and is a counter balance dog. He is a remarkable dog not from champion lines but he has many dogs in his pedigree that are service dogs. It takes smarts, balance, well mannered, kind, and gentle dogs to complete and pass the courses required to hold these titles. My dogs love to service our community when their harness goes on they are excited to do their job.

We hope that you will choose us as your breeder. We promise to do our best to bring beautiful healthy puppies. Come meet our dogs! You are always welcome. If you have questions or want to see something that you don’t find here please ask.
I only breed Standard poodles. I do my best to vet who I sell our puppies to, but if someone is in need of a service dog regardless of what they have in their home they can always count on me. I follow AKC standards for breeding. I listen to my reproductive Veternarian’s on when a girl is ready to breed and when they should be retired. We base our spay an neuter on medical fact and behavior science. We do not believe the 3% benefits of waiting out weigh the behavioral issues you would have with an intact dog. Many people have no facts or science only opinions on what they deem is correct. OFA does not set the standard for when you should breed your dog. AKC doesn’t even make that decision. This should also be left up to your Veternarian and the individual dog. OFA sets only the standard for when hips are done. The traditional 2 year age was set years ago because of the giant breeds that mature slower then smaller breeds for hips.. Educate yourself don’t listen to poodle forums that try to promote their own poodles or a friends as a better breeder. Our testing is either available on the OFA site or shown in the documents under each of our dogs. If you don’t see it just ask!

Beautiful Northern Michigan is where we are located.

Let’s talk Color!

Poodles have hair, not fur, it changes as they mature. It is always evolving! EVERY poodle does it, not just browns or blacks. My pictures on this website, reflect conformation in a moment in time. USUALLY when it was taken is noted under the photo. As they mature, I try to update photos on FB as much as possible not all make it to this website. Color doesn’t change who the dog is and never should it be a deciding factor when you make a 15 year commitment!

🐾All puppies sold from Northern creek are bought on a spay and neuter contract 🐾

Cash on pick up day only, we do except PayPal or Venmo for payments in advance buyer responsible for all fees!

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