Lincoln is 1.5 here his color has faded since this was taken!

Lincoln Has grown into a wonderful dog with a great disposition. He is very friendly with anyone he meets. He is a tall growing 60 pound boy learning to adjust to the fridged Michigan weather. Along this training journey he has earned multiple AKC titles for CGC, CGCA, CGCC and CGCU(Canine good Citizen, Advanced, community and Urban) and his first (TDN)trick dog novice and (TKI) trick dog intermediate title. He is another extraordinary poodle that has exceeded our expectations. I am so very proud of him for completing one of the toughest jobs a dog can. He passed his ADA requirements with flying colors. His caring love for his handler(me). He helps me when I’m in need and knows when I need his assistance. He is super intuitive to me and never leaves my side. His disposition alone stands out to anyone that meets him. This is his beginning, to an extensive Ongoing lifetime of training.  We are so thankful that we have him. Lincoln is currently working on his AKC Rally title.

Lincoln was genetically clear of all diseases. He has been color tested and coat tested. 

Lincoln has sired litters of 8, 9, 10 to 12 puppies! He has successfully been AI with producing a litter of 8 puppies. He throws brown, black, apricot, phantom, sable colors as we saw in his last litter. The temperament on his babies is A+++

Lincoln is not available for stud services

Lincoln CHIC# 157004 OFA testing results click here

DNA testing! Just a few of this boys achievements….

Fall 2022 picture

Winter/ spring 2021

Over time all poodles change from the puppy color they come with! As you see here in the pictures below Lincoln’s change is starting. Look at his lighter shades on his face above his eyes especially. All poodles change it isn’t just him. Don’t buy a poodle based on color alone you will be disappointed when they are older.

Fall 2019.

Summer 2019

Lincoln 6 months old in photos below🐾

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