Health Guarantee

Our Puppies leave here Healthy to the best of our knowledge. We guarantee their parents are free from these testable genetics diseases and provide proof of such clearances here on our website. Tests done thru animal genetics. 

Every puppy leaves here up-to-date on all age appropriate vaccines, evaluated by our licensed veterinarian and has had multiple Wormings.

Every puppy Starts here on our balanced dog program. Exposure to everything a Ranch can offer . We use an Early Neurological stimulation program from the very first week until they are 17 days an puppy culture techniques the entire time they are here. We’ve found the more your little one is exposed to during their early development to 12 weeks of age the more balanced they become.

Each Puppy leaves here on a Spay/neuter contract, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Helpful information

Four Major components to Hip Dysplasia (OFA.ORG)

  • 35% Genetics (breeders reduce this by testing or breeding dogs from tested lines.)

New owners assume the remaining percentage

  • Diet–feeding quality dog food
  • Weight–following veterinarian recommendations keeping your dog trim/fit
  • Exercise (to much or too little)–don’t over do it on those still developing joints

As a breeder, I do my best by selecting dogs with tests or tested lines to help reduce the genetic portion of this problem.

Unfortunately we can not predict all conditions. So our health guarantee is limited to breed specific genetic tests. All our testing is done thru animal genetics. We test a full breed specific panel. It is also kept up to date with anything new that is found for our breeding stock.
Let’s talk HIPS—A little about our guarantee on hips. According to OFA environmental plays over a 65% role in the development of your puppy. Our breeding stock have either been OFA tested cleared on hips and have clear parents. This means very little to your puppy. Research shows clearly that genetics plays a 35% role in hip issues, elbows, joints. There are many things you can do to help prevent. OFA has great resources please utilize them. This is a animal your buying, not a car.  I cannot predict how you raise an care for your puppy or how bones develop based on your environment. Therefore, I cannot guarantee something I have no control over.  It’s is said, that allowing older dog rough housing, uncontrolled jumping, long walks, too much exercise or too little can place additional stresses on growth plates and joints of a puppy. I provide information from puppy culture regarding age appropriate exercise.   Please understand our responsibility as a breeder is providing you with a healthy puppy on the day of sale. We cannot be held accountable for what the future brings. I cannot possibly predict heart, lung, cancer, joint issue or growth Issues of any puppy. These are just a few that come to mind. We don’t have anything in our breeding lines that I have knowledge of.. We have done our part in health screening our dogs and only breeding those that pass breed specific testing set by animal genetics, AKC requirements and our veterinarian.

The rest is up to you!

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