Puppy training

I will keep any puppy of ours for additional training. Depending what your looking for and the type of puppy you have picked will vary in amount of time to accomplish your goals. On average an additional 2 weeks training gets fully house trained, crate trained, leash walking and down behaviors underway.These are basic. I can’t work miracles nor can I predict how long each individual puppy will take. We will set out a plan and review progress every 2 weeks.

Our Training Fees

$250.00 for 2 weeks

500.00 for 30 days and discussion on additional time costs an fees if necessary.

We provide the puppy food, crate for them. If possible weekly visits from you to work with you along side your puppy. You are required to pay for any required veterinarian visits, stool checks, treatment, wormer if required, shots and flea/tick, heartwormer preventions. These are a must to stay here..

Private Obedience training

I have been teaching most of my life. I first was a substitute teacher in K-12. I raised horses into nice trail riding companions. Over the years we have had tons of dogs in our life. I learned from training horses not every method works the same for every dog. This is the same in children not every method used is learned equally by each child. Therefore, I learned to adapt training concepts based on individuals. Every dog we have ever had I’ve trained. All our dogs here have earned multiple AKC titles CGC, CGCA, CGCU and either are active Therapy dogs thru TDI or are service dogs.
If your having trouble we can teach you and your dog. We can work on basic, advanced obedience training. This alone will resolve most behavior issues.
Contact us today set up an appointment to meet with me.
25.00–1 hour session

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