If your marketing for advertising us! Do not use my platform to solicit me! Do not call me! This is a waste of time I should be spending with my puppies and clients.  I’m not a kennel, nor do I have more then one litter of puppies at any given time! I am happy just they way we are! Commercializing puppies isn’t what we do here! I will save you time to let you know now I’m not interested!

Email us

Obviously some can’t read the paragraph above so let’s be a little more clear! Do not solicit advertising or sales of any kind! You just end up in the SPAM folder to be forever blocked from our site.

Sending email might take 24 hours for responses

Call us now—1-231-878-4119

Calling is the best option for questions. You can like our fb page and messenger us for quicker responses.

Thank you

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