Northern Creek’s Chocolate Kisses THN, CGCA, CGCC,CGCU, TDN

Jayda Is a Beautiful Brown Standard poodle. She is  as dark as she was born. Her color is unique changes with seasons darker lighter but always a beautiful brown. I cannot clone it. Her puppies are always brown. Some lighter then others.. She is a very athletic girl loves running in the fields, hunting mice and rounding up the horses. She has earned Multiple CGC Titles and is a active Therapy dog (TDI). She loves to be with her people and eager to please. My heart dog. She was my first standard poodle. Showed me how smart, loving and versatile poodles can be. It’s the best kept secret of all time. Standard poodles have minimal health problems if you have a breeder doing their part to better the breed and not running a facility full of dogs. Jayda is from health tested Parents. She is Health tested OFA registered and CHIC certified. She is the complete package. This petite firecracker weighs in at 53.5 pounds and 24″ at the wither.

Jayda’s last litter. Such a wonderful dog so much to say about her. These new photos speak for her. puppies are 7 weeks here.

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