Puppies were born 11/27/022! Mom an babies are doing well. We have 3 boys an 6 girls. Pictures coming soon!

Michigan Parks litter

Prior litter💜

Happy 7 weeks—Manding progress

(Let’s see how many will sit)

It’s time to look at schedules: This will be updated soon for our new expected litter!

Visitors are welcome and encouraged. However, given the covid issues we face. I wish to keep my family safe. My puppy area is designed for puppies in mind not for a huge family to come. It is just too much of a risk and not really enough space. I can’t continue to care for your puppy if I get sick. I do hope you understand. If your sick or think you have a stuffy nose, don’t come here. If your allergic to cats i have them. My adult dogs will be locked in their crates during all visits. . Meeting my adult dogs during a time when puppies are here momma is going to be protective and others feed off from her. If a baby were to cry for whatever reason she could think you were hurting them. For this reason, You will have limited access to them. Any other time your visit would not be a issue.

Our visit week is July 4-7—Sorry no weekend visits this time🐾This is a great week for kids to come. The puppies have no fear or no reaction to sudden movement kids make. This is the perfect week to expose the puppies to many different people, noises and sights. Let me know if there is a day you’d like to come hold puppies. They are just learning to walk and haven’t discovered their teeth, so this is kinda a quiet time before the teeth come out or personalities.

Our weekend visit July 14-16–They will be active and playful at this stage, but also have discovered their mouth. I love when families bring children. If you are bringing children make sure they are older not toddlers and can take instructions well. It is too difficult to watch biting puppies. This is the week we teach no bite, but it usually takes a few weeks to get full results. Please remember your visit needs to be kept to less then a hour. I get behind in our everyday routines and protocols tired puppies are cranky start fighting. Once they start that its time for a nap.. I ask that visits here are not meant to be hours. Keep in mind other parents are also scheduled. puppies need rest to grow. These visits puts me extremely behind in activities that build in their knowledge. Tired puppies from visitors doesn’t move them thru our program of learning. It’s put off until the next day.

July 22nd is puppies veternarian visit for shots and wellness exam.

July 29th is our Volhard Appitude testing day

🥰August 12– Picking day—I will talk with you in the order of your deposit. We will talk about the puppies, outlining the test results and my own observations. We can do live videos any time just ask. I use Duo on my phone.

It’s Gotcha weekend

August 24th is Flight day to Traverse City MI..All airport deliveries are done on this day. So if you need to make arrangement to fly in to our airport for pickup this is the day. The sooner you do this the cheaper your trip will be.

August 26 is Gotcha weekend. They will be 11 weeks old.. Please make your Veternarian appointment after 8/29/22 middle to the END of this week for their next vaccine and wellness exam. Do NOT wait to schedule this. Most vets have 6 week new client wait time! Example—If you pick up on Friday, appointment for vet should be Tuesday. If you pick up Saturday appointment should be Wednesday . You have 3 days from the time you pick them up to have them evaluated by your veterinarian. Your puppy will have had 2 of their 4 required dhpp vaccines prior to leaving here to protect them from Parvo! You still need to really think of where you stop for potty breaks an take your puppy! They are not fully protected and once they leave here it is your responsibility to protect them. Please send me name of your vet along with appointment time and date. It is required prior to taking your puppy! Puppies will have been wormed 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks of age and sample tested multiple times to be sure they are clear. It is a normal thing for puppies to have worms. They will have their first Dhpp Vaccine and wellness exam on 7/22/2022 and another on 8/5/2022. They will have oral bordetella at 8 weeks of age on 7/28/22. They are seen by Meyer veternarian in Cadillac MI. All records will be sent with you in your go home bags.

Beyond the gotcha dates—I charge a daily 35.00 fee. I don’t plan for keeping anyones fur kid longer then I already do. Prior arrangements must be made with me if it is the case! Any additional veternarian care will be your responsibility to pay in addition to my fee.

I think I have everything covered.
Please check our shipping/delivery page for these xtra things. Here is link below




Lincoln ▶️OFA results

Sire is 62 pounds he comes from the South. His dad is OFA tested clear and mom is from a long line of tested clear dogs. He himself is genetic tested clear thru Animal Genetics and OFA cleared..

Northern Creeks reserves their right of pick of any litter


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