Meet our “Birds of a feather flutter together”

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Happy 8 weeks—

Happy 8 weeks!
Our fun Sunday was gonna rain. So we did these photos a few days earlier. Thank you neighbor an friend Marcia for your help. What takes generally all day took a hour to capture a few photos worthy of posting.
They have all grown so much. Most are over 11 pounds. Blue is our biggest girl weighing in at 12.5 pounds. Personality wise they are all about the same as my first writing. Usually see more in the 9 to 10 week window for new writings. They are all sitting, shaking well as a group an individually. A few will fetch. They all love to chase that mouse on a string. They still are not fans of the warm outdoor pool. They handle baths an grooming well for babies. I’ve plucked ears an all seem to not mind. Next week we start teaching on leash walking. They will all be fitted for a walking collar. All our parents get a new collar to take puppy home. Please note—I don’t recommend harnesses they don’t teach proper walking they cause matting and puppy will just chew the chest bar off don’t waste your money! If your Puppy pulls a martingale is recommended over a normal collar. Stay tune for some exciting videos of puppies learning to walk. Hopefully it doesn’t rain this entire up-coming week. I use a light weight under 20# retractable leash in the beginning to get forward motion. It is also a great tool for going potty an learning recall. You will use this tool a lot in the beginning. I’ve decided to hold Robyn and Goldie from this litter. It was a tough decision they are all special in there own way. If you are interested in one of the other puppies below and your on my waiting list please reach out. Thank you

Congratulations Annabelle and Max on your newest addition. Sparrow AKA GoJo Lee is on his way to Briarcliff Manor, NewYork in a few weeks. He is a absolute little bundle of love. I’m sure he will love all the special attention he will get when he is finally home.

Happy 7 weeks—Manding progress

(Let’s see how many will sit)

Most of you don’t know much about testing an scores an why we do it. It’s just a small picture of a moment in time. Measuring puppy responses to certain situations. Accuracy is a huge issue. Even if one element is off the whole test is wrong. Puppies can’t be tired or bellies full prior to testing. So many more elements come into play on the accuracy of this test. My observation are sometimes different then what the testing provides. I’ve also found some puppies are more delayed in learning then others. This litter is no exception to the delays. It can just mean a matter of a day or two for milestones, but in a puppies world that’s a long time. So I use these tests results to draw up my conclusions of each individual puppy. These will change over time as the puppy matures an develops more as a individual. These bios are just a snap shot of moments in time gives me specific areas to work on with each. We can’t rush growth. They will come along in this process. Exposed to many things I can conjure up, some will react different then others. Observation is what I do in the coming weeks pulling puppies for individual sessions. Some will excel some need more time to process. I will be posting bios like the one on Rose and updating them as the days an weeks warrant change. These are not meant to be taken literal, but used as a tool to help you decide along the way if this puppy fits your lifestyle. Only you can decide that. It is my job to give you all the information I can. My goal here is to place puppies in forever homes. Don’t take a high drive puppy if your a couch potatoe or a independent puppy an think you can change them. If you have question PM me or email is best. Thank you for taking time in you day to read these an learn about our wonderful litter of puppies.

Our Rose finch—pink collar girl. I see a lot of Jayda in her. Already starting to do that crazy jump her mother does when she’s chasing the drone. She will be very athletic. A medium/ high drive. I see it in her playtime with my lure stick she out plays her littermates. I do see potential in this puppy that testing doesn’t show. Don’t let her shyness scare you. She has a heart of gold. This old gentle soul is loving wants to be at your side kinda gal. These dogs often turn out to be the best ones. She will put up little to no buck for a family promotion. She will train pretty easy. She lacks confidence in new things. She needs exposure an someone with experience to bring her fun side out. Rose already shakes and sits with or without treats. She is a love bug, belly rubs an snuggles. She is always up in my lap and wants to please.💜

Our Robyn—orange collar girl. She is one of my top picks in this litter for a lot of these reasons. Robyn from the start has been my overachiever. The first puppy to do anything. The firecracker in the litter. So much spunk poors out of this one. She is a high drive puppy. She will be easy to train will get bored at redundancy. She will seek interesting out. Robyn will need a family that is active an can channel that energy.  She could be a mischievous dog without that outlet. Here with me—She is first up to the door to greet me. Her tail is always going. She is my more vocal gal in the group. She does okay in the car. She will start off vocal in protest, but does eventually settle. That’s no surprise considering her busy tendencies. It’s best to do car rides after a long play session. She chases anything that moves. She will fetch but hasn’t master bringing it back more then once. She has sit and sometimes offers a shake. She is busy will need more frequent short sessions to keep her interested. It’s coming. 

Our Starling—purple collar girl. Star is often my forgotten one because she can play off on her own and not need my undivided attention. She is a absolute sweetheart. Loves to be in your lap for belly rubs. She doesn’t compete for my attention, but loves it when she can get it. Her Tail is always going. Such a happy girl. Star will be easy to train, a super star in obedience. She will need protection from younger children. She is in the middle for energy level and plays well within the litter. Star can sit an will offer a shake multiple times. She is my noise maker in the car like her sister Robyn. We are working hard at getting them all used to car rides. 

Our blue bird—green collar girl. Blue is more of my independent gal off doing her thing. She won’t compete for your attention. She is playful during our one on one times. I’m starting to see a-little more change in her wanting to be near the action and in my space. Every week I have kids in an she is interactive with my guest. She snuggles into anyones lap. She is also my aspiring leader of the pack. Blue is our biggest girl. Blue has a lower lazy drive. She loves to snuggle up. I see her as a lay at your feet gal chewing on a toy. A loyal companion. She is a sweet dog loves my husband whenever he comes in she is all eyes for him. She already sits and shakes pretty good. She is good driven so this should make training easier. If your a screamer, blue will not do well in this kind of environment. Her training will be slightly different because you will have to win her heart she clearly wears on her shoulder. So ask yourself please is she the right personality for your everyday life.

Our Sparrow—Gray collar Boy. Sparrow loves your attention. Often he will fill your lap with his cuteness. He is a true old soul. He is more shy and reserved then I had hoped for. He could have stayed here. His conformation is one of the best in the litter. He watches before he will go test the waters. My thinker! His lack of confidence can be worked on, but he will always have some reluctance. He will need someone experienced in training or at the very least take some obedience classes. He will make a great family guy. He will be loyal an a protector. He is willing to shake and sits for treats, so he is food motivated. Which will help in training him. He will need lots of early on exposure to many things to help bring him out of his shell. He will need protection from younger children.  Sudden movements scare him. He needs someone with alot of love an patience with the willingness to take him to lots of extra outings..  He could become a fear biter as an adult if he doesn’t receive the proper training at a young age. This cannot wait until he is older. its import to keep building on what I started.

Our Gold finch—yellow collar girl. Goldie is one of my favorites. She loves your attention and loves to be at the center of it. She will be eager to please an easy to train. She is always getting into it with her sister Blue striving for that leadership role, but she ends up walking away. I don’t see her putting up much of a buck for the leadership roll. She is a medium drive puppy. She plays well on her own. Has chased a ball but not yet brought it back. She bites at the water coming out of hose when I’m filling their pool along with the brown sisters. She does very well on my grooming table. She loves her snacks will sit and shake for them. Goldie reminds me of Jayda she’s going to be really easy going fun little package. 💜

Frozen Meaty marrow bones for those puppies cutting teeth.

You will not need these. I never suggest giving raw hide or bones to your adult dog. Just while they are cutting those puppy teeth. They need something to help with that. Raw versus process! Raw is better less chance they will fracture. Usually puppies are not strong enough to accomplish that.

Happy 6 weeks—

This week was the time i had issues with wordpress. This week we saw the veternarian.They all received A+ on exams. They had their 1st dhpp vaccine and negative for parasites. They weren’t as outgoing as my other litters during this visit. This is always a crazy week practicing rides in stroller an car crate all that week. Just for the big event.some do better then others in the car. the two brown girls were my most vocal.

Happy 5 weeks—

Happy 4 weeks—

Happy 3 weeks—

Welcome to our Fun Sundays—2 weeks old

Stay tune for the rest of our Flock! Look who’s peeking at you🤎

Happy Birthday 6-10-2022

Its time to look at schedules:

Visitors are welcome and encouraged. However, given the covid issues we face. I wish to keep my family safe. My puppy area is designed for puppies in mind not for a huge family to come. It is just too much of a risk and not really enough space. I can’t continue to care for your puppy if I get sick. I do hope you understand. If your sick or think you have a stuffy nose, don’t come here. If your allergic to cats i have them. My adult dogs will be locked in their crates during all visits. . Meeting my adult dogs during a time when puppies are here momma is going to be protective and others feed off from her. If a baby were to cry for whatever reason she could think you were hurting them. For this reason, You will have limited access to them. Any other time your visit would not be a issue.

Our visit week is July 4-7—Sorry no weekend visits this time🐾This is a great week for kids to come. The puppies have no fear or no reaction to sudden movement kids make. This is the perfect week to expose the puppies to many different people, noises and sights. Let me know if there is a day you’d like to come hold puppies. They are just learning to walk and haven’t discovered their teeth, so this is kinda a quiet time before the teeth come out or personalities.

Our weekend visit July 14-16–They will be active and playful at this stage, but also have discovered their mouth. I love when families bring children. If you are bringing children make sure they are older not toddlers and can take instructions well. It is too difficult to watch biting puppies. This is the week we teach no bite, but it usually takes a few weeks to get full results. Please remember your visit needs to be kept to less then a hour. I get behind in our everyday routines and protocols tired puppies are cranky start fighting. Once they start that its time for a nap.. I ask that visits here are not meant to be hours. Keep in mind other parents are also scheduled. puppies need rest to grow. These visits puts me extremely behind in activities that build in their knowledge. Tired puppies from visitors doesn’t move them thru our program of learning. It’s put off until the next day.

July 22nd is puppies veternarian visit for shots and wellness exam.

July 29th is our Volhard Appitude testing day

🥰August 12– Picking day—I will talk with you in the order of your deposit. We will talk about the puppies, outlining the test results and my own observations. We can do live videos any time just ask. I use Duo on my phone.

It’s Gotcha weekend

August 24th is Flight day to Traverse City MI..All airport deliveries are done on this day. So if you need to make arrangement to fly in to our airport for pickup this is the day. The sooner you do this the cheaper your trip will be.

August 26 is Gotcha weekend. They will be 11 weeks old.. Please make your Veternarian appointment after 8/29/22 middle to the END of this week for their next vaccine and wellness exam. Do NOT wait to schedule this. Most vets have 6 week new client wait time! Example—If you pick up on Friday, appointment for vet should be Tuesday. If you pick up Saturday appointment should be Wednesday . You have 3 days from the time you pick them up to have them evaluated by your veterinarian. Your puppy will have had 2 of their 4 required dhpp vaccines prior to leaving here to protect them from Parvo! You still need to really think of where you stop for potty breaks an take your puppy! They are not fully protected and once they leave here it is your responsibility to protect them. Please send me name of your vet along with appointment time and date. It is required prior to taking your puppy! Puppies will have been wormed 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks of age and sample tested multiple times to be sure they are clear. It is a normal thing for puppies to have worms. They will have their first Dhpp Vaccine and wellness exam on 7/22/2022 and another on 8/5/2022. They will have oral bordetella at 8 weeks of age on 7/28/22. They are seen by Meyer veternarian in Cadillac MI. All records will be sent with you in your go home bags.

Beyond the gotcha dates—I charge a daily 35.00 fee. I don’t plan for keeping anyones fur kid longer then I already do. Prior arrangements must be made with me if it is the case! Any additional veternarian care will be your responsibility to pay in addition to my fee.

I think I have everything covered.
Please check our shipping/delivery page for these xtra things. Here is link below




Lincoln ▶️OFA results

Sire is 62 pounds he comes from the South. His dad is OFA tested clear and mom is from a long line of tested clear dogs. He himself is genetic tested clear thru Animal Genetics and OFA cleared..

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