Contract is signed at the time of delivery or prior to shipping. Update—There will be an electronic version of my contract. A pin# will give you access when it is time to sign and send to me. I will let you know how to get this done. Thank you.

Here is a little peak at what you will find

Any puppy leaving Northern Creek is required to be spayed or neutered! Here is my opinion on all this back and forth about should we or not! Our allowable 10 months of age is more then reasonable for spaying and neutering. This is up to you! However, adhere to my warnings absolutely no breeding even accidental are acceptable. You will be subject to additional fees if this happens. I don’t agree that waiting has enough benefits to outweigh behaviors created by intact dogs! Here is a little more information on why..

Side note—

Here is a recent study done on dogs that is the direct link to why we have changed our age. BE WARNED THAT BEHAVIOR OF AN INTACT DOG DOES NOT OUT WEIGH THE BENEFITS FOUND FROM ANY STUDY I HAVE REVIEWED. The percentage just isn’t great enough to have much merit and it is so breed specific. YOU CAN DO THIS BUT DO NOT COMPLAIN IF YOUR MALE STARTS MARKING on everything even in your home OR BECOMES EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE WITH HORMONES STILL IN PLACE OR BECOMES AGITATED BY YOUR CHILDREN. Do not blame your dog it’s your decision. Do your own homework, don’t let a veterinarian talk you into something without fully informing yourself of the consequences after all you have to live with the dog. I just don’t want your mistake to leave one of our puppies at a shelter for behaviors you cannot control.. I have always neutered my males at 6 months of age and have never out of 15 different breeds had cancers as a cause for my dogs death. No, I can’t guarantee that it won’t happen, but neither can any study done on this subject.

Recommendations from a license veterinarian must show medical reason as to why waiting longer then 10 months of age which is our allowable time. That’s it just a note from your vet stating why they wish to wait! Sometimes they see something we cannot. So I will always side with your veterinarian. 🐾Just No upfront, purchasing our puppy on a limited registration is exactly that. Absolutely NO breeding! Not even a hybrid! There is a 5000.00 per puppy restitution fine for doing so. Price listed is pet price! There are NO breeding rights offered. Sounds ridiculous I know. Most don’t understand why this is such an issue, but it unfortunately is for any breeder with a desirable program.  Unfortunately, not everyone respects our need to limit breeding of our line. Those people think they are entitled to this right and they are not.  We don’t ever want to be part of the shelter problems we see today. These are the people that look for loop wholes in good breeders contracts. This is why ours isn’t posted! So I want to be very clear this is all I will say on this subject.

Back to my contract—

Health guarantee—We state that every puppy leaves here healthy to the best of of knowledge. New owner is required to get their own veterinarian exam within 3 days of taking a puppy from us. So, make your appointment prior to picking up your new baby proof is required you have done this initial exam, either by receipt or picture of veterinarian an your puppy. If veterinarian states puppy is unfit for adoption we do take them back with all their goodies we sent them with you will sign a transfer ownership back to us form. . Transportation is your responsibility. Refunds are never given, only a replacement puppy from another litter when available. Cost of shipping, flight, delivery or PayPal charges are not ever refunded nor are they part of the purchased price of the dog. This does not include conditions that are considered normal and easily treated in puppies. We do our best to treat for parasites and test frequently.  We require normal veterinarian care be current up-to-date for any claim on health is permitted. Keeping all your records is an important part. If your claiming your pup has a health issue that is breeder fault providing puppy maintenance is required. If you have not kept up your part of this contract such as appropriate vaccinations our contractual agreement and any guarantee is null an voided. Our guarantee is that you take a healthy puppy from us. This means free of breed specific testable genetic diseases. Your puppy has parents that were cleared of any genetically tested disease for standard poodles and have had hips, elbows, patella and Thyroid cleared thru OFA process.

Note on vaccines, hips and feeding

We follow the AKC protocol for vaccination. Over vaccinating your puppy can cause health issues. We vaccinate at 7 weeks old so puppy is ready at 10 to 11 weeks for their second vaccine in the series. All puppies are seen by a licensed Veterinarian for these I do not use mail order vaccines.  Puppies are allowed to leave after 9 weeks old. However, this will depend on each individual puppies needs. Again puppy culture is followed closely at this time to make sure every puppy is ready to go.

I have said, this before, but I will state it again..We do not guarantee hips, elbows, patella or thyroid on your puppy. We cannot predict Addison, cancer or any other condition that may effect a dogs life. It’s impossible to do. The best of my knowledge is we don’t have it in our immediate dogs line that has been disclosed by other breeders we have purchased our breeding line from. It’s not like buying that brand new car with working mechanical bearings these are living animals each it’s own individual.  The parents were cleared this is the best I can provide. Environment plays over a 65% role in the growth pallets. I cannot control how you care for your puppy. If your rough housing with them, allowing other older dogs to do so, or children getting rough and sometimes long walks or the kinds of food given are just too much. It will effect your puppies long term life. Make sure you know when to stop and let your puppy rest.

Feed a healthy diet not table scraps. This is never a good choice. Creates bad behaviors like getting into trash or grabbing a child’s cookie. If they don’t have people food they will never miss it. Always teach respect of space when you have food.  Never feed raw hid they cannot digest it. Air on the side of caution when giving bones. It just takes a fragment that can cost 1000s to repair. We always give our puppy meaty marrow bones but they are removed after a few minutes and never left in a pen for more then 30 minutes. These are not meant to be left for the days entertainment. Get a Kong fill it full of soft puppy food freeze it and that can be left for puppy.  Puppy culture provides appropriate exercise booklet for a puppies age and things that are not physical you can do,  but still make your puppy tired. It’s not about making a puppy so tired it wants nothing but to lay down. You must work the mind and body together making the exhaustion a teachable moment and not to just get rid of them.

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