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Planned litters below

Picking is in the order deposit is received regardless of what I have written (sex)in parentheses. We also don’t pick our puppies before 8-10 weeks of age! Dates will be set for picking ahead of time so you will have something specific.

NEW🐾🐾✅Our list! It is non litter specific! Some want to wait until a better season. If the ones above decide to wait your name moves up! I love my winter litters. Keep in mind! I don’t do spring/summer very often when placing your deposit..

Picking is in the order of deposits! Limited registration only!

Future 2023/2024 list

Waiting list—Northern creek will be keeping from the next outside stud litter of Ella. They will be black. It is not determined if I will take a male or a female.

  1. Northern Creek—Always reserves 1st pick of any litter
  2. Northern Creek
  3. Ann D(confirmed)male
  4. Stephanie(hold)(male)
  5. Curtis Family(hold)

🦋Ella/ outside stud Fall/Winter 2023

We plan to keep from this litter of Ella and outside stud. Picks will happen later part of 9-10weeks of age on this litter. Picking days are set after babies arrive! Outside studs are required to have health testing and will have the temperament we strive to have here at Northern Creek. These babies will be all black!

Service dog qualification

What qualifies to me as our service dog picks?

1. You must have already a training facility and trainer qualified to ADA test your dog.
2. You have done your homework and are aware of the expense of training and commitment required to have a service dog. These are task oriented dogs so you must have a specific task in mind.
3. Also have the understanding that not all potential puppies make the program for one reason or another. We do not guarantee a service dog. We only provide the pups that have a higher score over all the other puppies in the litter. I hire a trainer to come into my home at 49 days to preform the Volhard aptitude test on the litter. This only provides a sneak peek at a moment in time. I rely on my ability to see other traits and building a puppies resume on their ability to complete the heavy requirements of a service dog. These are not pets they have a unique set of skills.
4. Most important—A doctors letter stating your in need of a service dog should be presented to the trainer not us.
Just saying you want a service dog doesn’t get you jumping past other families unless you can provide a list of our requirements.

We will work with each family to narrow down disposition of each pup once they start moving. We pick our puppies at 10 weeks of age. This is the age they will really show personality. Service dogs always get high priority this is why I do this. We only allow 1 from each sex to be held for service this is always my first picks. I will close the available service dogs if this is not filled when puppies are delivered and everyone will move up in the picking order. Every puppy will be special, but only a select few will be service dog potential. Thank you .

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